Zmartup – modern Crowdinvesting platform

Client: Zmartup GmbH

Category: Webpage development

Date: July 2023

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Crowdfunding platforms allow creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals to showcase their projects, ideas, or initiatives and seek financial backing from a global audience.

Whether it’s launching a new product, making a film, or funding a charitable cause, the platform provides a means to secure funds.

Stripe Payment Gateway
Custom implementation for client to safely store their funds into wallets using Stripe Connect system integration
Woocommerce Support
Platform is using customized eCommerce solution to provide campaign management
Pages are designed in a modern style using powerful frameworks like Elementor.

We are continuously developing this lean platform to meet its current needs, but beyond that, our roadmap includes a vision for scalability and future enhancements.

Our philosophy revolves around the concept of a lean platform, where efficiency and innovation converge to create a seamless user experience.