We offer various different services listed below
Providing Schematic and PCB Design for Any Specific Applications
Customized Software Solutions for Your Project
Custom Website Design, E-Commerce Solutions, Page Optimizations
Custom Embedded Firmware Development Solutions for Your Platforms


If you want to know more about our work, please check out some of our projects below.


Standalone ECU for Air Suspension + Remote

It was my long-term wish to create a controller which can adjust my cars height through a remote controller. After a lot of research and many failed attempts I finally managed to create my own ECU which can be adjusted to my own needs and wishes.

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USDM Dimmer

USDM Style Blinker Conversion Circuit

First successful project. I always wanted to convert my car blinkers functionality to act as a position light aswell. Sadly the car was too old to have any controller for the blinkers except classic relay, so I created a circuit which transforms classic blinker behavior into position lights aswell. I also added a dimming functionality for better portability between different vehicles.

Additional functionality offers same circuit to be used only as dimmer for ambient lighting.


Handcrafted Wood Creations Webshop

A special online store has been created for a client who makes awesome things out of wood. This webshop has been carefully designed to make it easy for you to explore and purchase these unique handmade wood creations.

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Crowdfunding platform

Crowdfunding platforms allow creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals to showcase their projects, ideas, or initiatives and seek financial backing from a global audience.

Whether it’s launching a new product, making a film, or funding a charitable cause, the platform provides a means to secure funds.

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Production Testing Devices

Logic Boards with Bed-of-Nails Nests

Custom logic boards for driving testing devices used in production environments where products in high-quantity are mass tested for its correct functionality and assembly. I have also been making bed-of-nail nests for different kind of products being tested.

Audio Switcher

2-channel Seamless Audio Switcher

Simple circuit which switches between two audio outputs with a single click of a button. This circuit was used to solve an issue of connecting speakers and headphones to a device with single output jack.

Device is USB powered. A single microcontroller was used to detect ideal switching time so that any transitioning click sound was not detected on any output device.


Road Inspecting Workers Assistance Device

A USB powered device which supplies current  environmental informations around you. When used in standalone mode, it can display external temperature and a clock. If a module is connected to the Internet, it can supply you with various different informations which you can configure by yourself. It also alerts the road inspector driver when is it time to salt the roads at winter.

It uses an on-board ESP8266 microcontroller with WiFi capability to gether informations around the world by connecting to your phone.

WiFi LED Controller

Ambient LED controller with RGB channels

This controller uses WiFi capability of a ESP32-C3 microcontroller to accept messages over MQTT protocol for setting different RGB colours on its output.

It was designed to be used indoor for ambient LED illumination. LED controller was integrated with open-source project HomeAssistant.

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